2013 Tulane

1-19-2012 Continuing in the Pass

Exploring farther in the pass, the party came across what looked like a secret passage that was propped open by a dwarf corpse. After examining the corpse, the party found that the dwarf had a tattoo of a chain that ran from under her eye to her wrists. Drakon and Kazroth knew that this was a very unusual thing for dwarves to have considering their history of slavery to giants and that such chains could mark one as a worshipper of the god of torturers and jailers, Torog.

Pushing into the passage, the party surprised and killed 3 orc sentries. Following the passage down 40 feet of spiral stairs the party found a carving along the wall that depicted dwarves fighting and crippling a titan by cutting off his hand, eye, rib, and heart.

Further down, the party found a large chamber with four glowing circles around two alters around a large pit. The room wasn’t unoccupied, however, and a fight with several orcs and an Ogre ensued. The party was extremely surprised when, in the course of the action, the leader of the orcs was knocked over the pit, he neglected to fall in and another earthquake rocked the room. After the battle, Kazroth was experimenting with the force field over the hole when it suddenly failed, dropping him straight onto his back. Fortunately, one of the circles granted regeneration so he was able to recover without too much difficulty.

One of the shrines was dedicated to Moradin, god of the dwarves, and the other was dedicated to Torog. Trying to decide what to do next, the party summoned a hand of fate; asking it whether to pray at the alter or to proceed down the passage. The hand pointed to the passage. Next, the party asked the hand if there were many enemies lying in wait for them. The hand gestured in the affirmative. Last, they asked which dwarf present was the most worthy of being followed. The hand pointed to the only dwarf in view, Drakon.

Their minds made up, the party then decided to proceed down the passage to see what laid deeper in the mountain.



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