2013 Tulane


The Rise and Fall of Stonefang

Getting deeper into the caver, the party was ambushed by a band of Orcs who had a group of Dwarfs cornered. Dispatching them quickly, the party found that the dwarfs were the few surviving members of an order devoted to keeping an earth titan, Stonefang, imprisoned beneath the mountain. 4 pieces of Stonefang were taken during his initial imprisonment, his eye, his heart, his hand, and his rib. By placing the pieces in the 4 circles and reciting a ritual, the party could return Stonefang to his prison and prevent his escape.

The party decided to leave the piece they had already discovered with the dwarfs and to continue through the tunnel to find the rest of the pieces the orcs took. The warrior Duggin was sent along with the party to help them identify the pieces and to assist in their fight. Arriving at the end of the tunnel the party came to the foot of the dwarven fortress and quickly dispatched the defenders. Continuing their search, the party fought several orcs with hydra powers guarding the Thane of the dwarves and defeated them. Freeing the Thane, they sent him back to his people with the glittering heart of Stonefang and continued up to the top level of the keep.

There the party fought the orc chieften and his wolf shamans who proved to be worthy foes. Bloodied and battered, the party emerged victorious with the final piece of Stonefang, his eye. Their triumph was short lived, however, as another earth quake reminded them of Stonefang’s imminent escape. Moving quickly, the party headed for the secret cavern where Stonefang was imprisoned.

There, they found the Titan rising from the depths of the earth. An epic battle ensued that pushed the party to their limits. Using his indominatable will, the Titan forced Matthias and Hammer to remove two of his pieces and cast them into the pit. Monk, thinking quickly, climbed into the pit and retrieved them in time for the rest of the party to subdue the titan. Placing the remaining pieces in their place, Kazroth assisted the dwarves in the ritual to seal the Titan away again. There was much rejoicing.


We now have the ability to have <titan> next to our names. Who would have thought that most of the troubles we have faced in our journey could be traced to Stonefang, and the orcs disturbing his slumber.


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