2013 Tulane

Downtime in Timbervale Interrupted

Cool, Expositio-DRAGON

The party returned to Timbervale and held a short ceremony for those lost in the latest attack. Drakon Stronghammer said a few heartfelt words and then proceeded to get drunk with the Thane and trade more news about his home. From the Thane he learned that he had been branded a traitor after his escape from the city and that the city was on the brink of the civil war when Clan Glintshield left. King Gnarl Blackvault grew increasingly paranoid after his departure and began a reign of terror, attempting to crush any opposition.

The rest and relaxation was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a red dragon, come to take advantage of the weakened state of the town and the party. After negotiations broke down due to some half-elvin impetuousness, the dragon attacked using its flame breath and powerful jaws and claws. Kazroth nearly succumbed to the full fury of the flames but Drakon‘s encouragement along with the light of Bahamut saw him live through the ordeal. By the end of the day, the party was victorious and decided to attempt to discover the dragon’s lair, hoping that some treasure would be found.

While on the trail, Varrah and Matthias discussed some things in elvish that the rest of the party was not privy to. Kazroth, upset that some of those he considered friends were keeping secrets from him, attempted to find out what they were talking about, but was rebuked. Meanwhile, Hammer and Drakon speculated about Hammer’s past. Hammer revealed that he doesn’t remember anything past waking up in the bottom of a well in the mountains and that he’s been trying to figure out what happened to him since.

Eventually Mattias tracked the dragon back to its lair. There’s only one problem though: Kobolds


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Downtime in Timbervale Interrupted

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