2013 Tulane

Duggin on Duggin

“Dear Diary,
By Moradin’s beard this has been an interesting night. Not only did me and my new friends kill a crazy mummy warlord, we just fought a Vampire. And not only that! A vampire Lady. She was a little tall and skinny for my tastes, but that Mattias fellow certainly seemed to like her. Well, that was until her skull things started shooting at us and her friends showed up. I actually managed to kill one of the little blood suckers too! We managed to stop her from sucking our blood but we kind of killed her in the process. I was a little sad to see her go but Kazroth said that she was a special kind of vampire that regenerates from a cauldron of blood or some such nonsense. I wouldn’t mind seeing her again, but I’m not so sure about fightin her again.

Anyway, after we dealt with with that we kind of sat around and licked our wounds. Figuratively of course. Dwarven mouths are completely sanitary but I wouldn’t want that human or dragon guy licking my wounds. Or that robot for that matter. Who know’s where its been..

Gah. Anyway, we were all sitting around and I guess we couldn’t really decide where to go. There was a lot of arguing but the one thing that kept coming up was a black anvil. That reminded me of the black anvil those Nerathi guys brought to good ol’ Boatmurdered back before we left but when I was about to tell everyone about it Drakon shot me “The Look”.

I was really confused and I guess that made him mad because he snapped at me but eventually he told this really sad story about what happened to him and the rest of the guard. I felt really bad for making him remember all that stuff, I guess I didn’t hear about it because I was training to join my order at the time.

Anyway, It was decided that we were going to return to Fallcrest to resupply then we were going back to good ol’ Boatmurdered to find the Anvil. It was really scary right before we left for Timbervale. I hope that things have cooled off since then.
By the mountain, the fog is thick tonight.

-Excerpt from Duggin’s Journal


Awesome stuff!

Duggin on Duggin

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