2013 Tulane

Excerpt from Mattias's hunting journal

“We entered the last chamber and before us was a 20-feet wide 10-foot tall monolith of necrotic energy and two mummified ogres standing upright in the corners by our door. Hammer wanted to get the jump on the ogres and chop them to peices before they had a chance to animate and that provoked action from the dead. The beasts fell easy but The warlord, the big nasty of the tomb, came from around the corner and began beating on the party with his flail. It took us some time to realize that an obsidian sword on the wall behind the warlord was glowing, but the connection was made that it controlled the monolith of necrotic energy. Unfortunately, the warlord held steady and blocked the adventurers from gaining access for quite some time. Finally, with the sword in Hammer’s hand the warforge and dragonborn shattered the sword, and the undead were put to rest again (with a little push and shove from the fatigued adventurers). With the terrors destroyed flesh eating scarabs began emerging from the back of the room and the adventurers began to flee.

Adventurers began running from the chamber. Matthias and Monk were both clever enough to search the warlord before the scarabs overtook the corpses and wasted no time in keeping up with their party. Closing doors behind them they entered the opening area of the tomb to find their exit door had closed. Varrah flipped the lever needed in the room with the sarcophogi and hammer ran into the room with fire (where it lit up in flames). Monk, seeing his opportunity to run in and grab a gem right after the flames did so and made sure to make it back out. Hammer, on his way out of the room grabbed a gem as well, though unfortunately the trap was charged and ready for his intrusion once again. With the door to the outside world open the adventurers were ready to to storm out and leave this crypt behind them, but the shallow pool of water before them had turned to acid (and burned Matthias’ broad sword while he tested it). Kazaroth, Drakan, and Matthias ran to retrieve a lid from a sarcophagi but once it was lifted it became apartent that they did not have time to make their bridge; the scarabs were too close.

Monk, not wanting to wait for the lid jumped to the other side and beckoned for the remaning adventurers to join him. After doing so Matthias, Kazaroth, and Drakon came fleeing madly around the corner; In the nik of time all the adventurers made their leaps – with great luck nearly everyone made it. Varrah, though trained to move through nature’s trecherous terrain, was flooded with fear and could not make the whole leap. To everyone’s great enjoyment she now wears less clothing.

Shutting the final door behind them the adventurers sagged to the ground, taking a much needed short respite. The ragged adventurers heard a giggling from the darkness and heard an female elf exclaim “Yes! You finally brought it to me!” "



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