2013 Tulane

The Story So Far

On the road the the Nentir Vale, a merchant named Traveas gathered a group of individuals to help guard his caravan. A dwarven warlord, Drakon Stronghammer, a silent human Monk, a dragonborn paladin of Bahamut, Kazroth, an elven druid, Varrah, a half-elven hunter, Matthias, and a warforged fighter, Hammer.

Shortly into their journey the caravan was ambushed by goblins and a small chest belonging to Traveas was stolen. He implored the party to retrieve it from the dark mounted figure who seemed to command the attack. The party tracked him to a nearby dungeon and cleared it of the monsters within, recovering the chest and the obsidian skull within. The party decided to destroy the skull before returning it to Traveas.

The party rejoined the caravan and made it to Fallcrest without further incident. There Traveas told him of the organization he worked for, The Raven’s Flight, and the undead menace that they worked to combat. He sent them to clear a broken tower near the town that was showing new signs of being occupied. Inside, the party discovered the undead and orcs working to unseal the undead buried under the tower. Fortunately, the party prevailed and managed to reseal the undead in their graves.

Upon returning to the tavern, undead bugs attacked Traveas and attempted to silence the party. One of the attackers was identified as the body guard of a local merchant, Marok Azaer, so the party staged a raid of his home, following him to his underground lair and finally killing him among his horrific experiments.

Within the laboratory, the party found many experimental notes, an encoded journal, and a letter further implicating the Bloodspear Orcs in the attacks and goings on. Showing Traveas this evidence, he suggested that the party go help defend Stonefang pass from an orc incursion that was just recently started.

Despite Drakon’s misgivings, the party was convinced to go. The journey was uneventful and soon they found themselves in the small frontier village of Timbervale. There, they met a group of dwarves who had survived the orcish onslaught. Their leader offered them 100 gold each for clearing the tunnel of orcs and saving the rest of the dwarves trapped on the other side. Rising to the challenge, the party quickly sets out.

Just outside the mouth of the tunnel near a bridge the party was ambushed by two Hippogriffs and several giant fish. The ability of the fish to knock people into the swift river proved to be quite challenging as Varrah was nearly swept over the falls. The party was, however, victorious, and continued into the large tunnel.

They soon came upon several dwarven corpses being fed on by large bat-like creatures called Stirge. The party made short work of them but immediately afterward were rocked by an earthquake. The earthquake opened a large hole in the ceiling through which giant spiders came and pounced on the party. Nearly pushed to their limit, the party regrouped and managed to kill all but one of the spiders, driving the last back into the ceiling.



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