2013 Tulane


Return to Timbervale and the Orc Counter-attack

Following their victory over the earth titan, the party returned to Timbervale with the surviving Shadowed Chain dwarves. There, they recieved their promised reward and got some much needed rest. While enjoying their respite, a scout returned to the village with alarming news. The remaining hoard of Bloodspear Orcs were on their way to Timbervale to extract their revenge. The dwarves immediately set about the business of preparing to defend their home and enlisted the help of the party to do it. Heading out into the wilderness to intercept the hoard, the party and the dwarves, including Duggin, ran into the Orcs in a small clearing. A pitched battle ensued with heavy losses being inflicted on the Orcs and the Dwarves. Eventually it came down the to party against the Queen of the tribe, Msuga, and her sister, Rohka, the evil blood witch. During the fight, the two expressed recognition of Varrah, which unnerved her greatly. The Orcs were mighty opponents, but ultimately, it was the party who proved to be victorious. Blooded and battered, the party set about the business of cleaning the area of the orc dead and carrying the bodies of the fallen Dwarves back to Timbervale. On the body of the bloodwitch, Varrah found a strange idol that looked vaguely familiar…



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